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16 of the most creative packaging designs in food and beverage

16 stand-out examples of brilliantly creative packaging designs across a range of F&B categories, from snacks to takeaway food.

Creative packaging design is not always associated with the food and beverage (F&B) industry – packaging for fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) can be a little, well, perfunctory.

But when brands do take the time to do things a bit differently, their products can really stand out from the crowd. That’s what we wanted to showcase here – how creative packaging design can elevate a product and make even everyday foodstuffs extraordinary. Not to mention, directly correlate to increased sales and brand buzz.

We’ve listed 16 stand-out examples of brilliantly creative F&B packaging design across a range of categories, from snacks to takeaway food. We hope they provide small business owner with inspiration for your next food product development and packaging design project, and encourage you to be bolder with how you present your own products – don’t forget that you can minimise the risk of making bold design decisions by testing packaging designs with consumers before they hit the shelves

Rice packaging

Creative design for two types of rice, they wanted to explore the interesting journey the grain goes through before it arrives on our plates. In particular, they wanted to pay tribute to the anonymous humans in charge of the hard work in rice fields.

They chose sustainable sackcloth fabric to contain the rice, and a carton lid in the form of a traditional conic hat, which doubles up as a rice measurement cup. The faces on the bags display a range of facial expressions, so that the rice farmers appear to be conversing with one another when on the shelf.

Pasta packaging

Eggs packaging

Fresh meat packaging

Fast food packaging

Milk packaging

Butter packaging

Pizza packaging

Cereal multipack packaging

Salad packaging

Nuts packaging

Dried fruit and nuts packaging

Cake Packaging

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