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2023 New Cake Packaging Solutions

When customers buy cakes, besides taste, appearance and packaging are also an important factor. To protect the appearance and quality of cakes as well as to attract customers’ attention, the choice of cake packaging boxes is very important. Therefore, as a professional cake packaging box manufacturer, we are committed to developing and providing a variety of high quality, innovative and beautiful cake packaging boxes to meet the needs and requirements of our customers.

Below, we will introduce our two new types of cake boxes in detail.

Transparent Cake Boxes

Our transparent cake boxes are made of highly transparent PET material with simple, generous and fashionable appearance. The material has good toughness and temperature resistance, which can keep the shape and transparency of the box. This kind of box is perfect for displaying and packing all kinds of desserts, especially suitable for displaying in shopping malls, supermarkets and other places. We can also print and customize according to customers’ requirements and needs.

Window Cake Boxes

Our window type cake boxes are simple in appearance and well-designed inside, which can perfectly pack all kinds of desserts. The transparent window designed on the top of the box can show the appearance of the cake, which enhances the beauty and attractiveness of the cake. The product can be applied to various occasions, such as birthday parties, weddings, hotels, etc. We can also provide different window shapes and sizes to meet the different needs and requirements of our customers.

In short, our new cake boxes have different designs and functions to meet different needs and preferences of our customers. We use high quality


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